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Come with us on a cinematic journey through the unusual, the underrated, the unseen, and discover your new favourite movie!
Tell us the films you love but no-one else seems to have heard of, and get a chance to enlighten your peers.

Next GEMS, NOVEMBER 26th at 1PM. 

Get ready for 'REBOOTED BARD' 

imaginative adaptions of Shakespeare. 


RAN (1985) Dir: Akira Kurosawa 

An ageing warlord retires and entrusts his empire to his three sons.

However, he soon realises that power has corrupted them and made them uncontrollable.  

Come and join the GEMS community and let's talk about film!

New Unseen Gems Booking System

We don't want price to be a barrier to seeing and talking about great films, so pay what you can afford to join our Film Club each month!


Booking fee 550KSH - inclusive of a coffee and supports a subsidised seat.

Subsidised fee - 100KSH 


Loyalty for the die hard film fans 

Pay for 6 tickets at any price and get 6 Gems screenings free. Valid for 12 in total.

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You can also join future discussions on-line at our Facebook group or Instagram account

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